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NottinghamSR Homesearch

Step 1 - Registration

If you have not yet applied to your local council for a social rented home you will need to register and apply online (click here), or complete and return a paper application form (click here) and provide proof of your current situation. The proof you need to give us can be found on pages 18 and 19 of the application form.

When your application has been approved, you will be given a unique reference number, which you will use to log on to Homesearch. You will also need to choose a memorable date, which is for security purposes. You should not choose your date of birth, or another date that could be easy to guess (e.g. child’s date of birth).

Please see the Who Can Use This Service section (click here) for further information.

We use a banding scheme to assess how urgent your needs are. When you are accepted you will also be told which band your application has been placed in. There are four priority bands, ranging from Band 1 (most urgent) to Band 4 (least urgent).

Time waiting on the register will be counted from the date your application was approved, that is, when we have received your fully complete form with the necessary supporting information. If you were previously on the council or housing association waiting list, we will normally count your waiting time from when you first applied, so you will not lose out due to the change to the new Homesearch system.

Please see Prioritising Applications section (click here) for details of the bands.

The size of the home you require depends on how many people there are in your household. Generally the following property types would be suitable for these household sizes:

Size of Household

Bed Size Eligibility

Single person

Bedsit/studio flat

Single person or couple

One bedroom

Up to four people

Two bedrooms

Up to five people

Three bedrooms (depending on bedroom size)

Six people or more

Four or more bedrooms

If you are already registered but your circumstances have changed, you should contact your local council as soon as possible so your application can be altered to match your new housing situation. Where an application moves into a higher band for any reason, the effective date will be the date the housing need changed, not the initial application date. If you have moved, you will need to complete a new application form (click here).

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